Young Eagles Visit Flightcity

The Young Eagles is an initiative of the Royal Aero Club of WA.

The aim is to give young enthusiast people some exposure to the exciting world of aviation. No doubt some of these young folk will go on to be Pilots in future years. Several are off string on professional pilots looking to continue the family tradition. The one that don’t choose the career path hopefully will use aviation as a hobby and enjoy the opportunities that a license opens up.

At Flightcity we are excited when approached by the Royal Aero Club about a visit. We put a competition out to enable one lucky Eagle to win a flight.

The young lady that won the flight felt a mixture of excitement and fear, she soon settled under the encouraging eye of her dad ( a commercial pilot) I’m sure she’ll be sharing the experience with school friends for a few weeks at least.

We flew from Innsbruck in the mountains of Austria departing of runway 08 down over the Dolomites cruising at 28000 feet before landing at Venice Marco Polo airport runway 04 Right.