The Royal Aeronautical Society’s Perth Branch AGM was held at Flight City at Jandakot on Saturday 25th March 2017.

Gavin from Flight City made all guests very welcome and provided a bright, clean hangar furnished with chairs and tables and a number of interesting aircraft including a T-28, a US navy trainer of yesteryear fitted with a 1450hp radial engine. The guest also had the use of a barbecue, tools etc. to make the job a breeze.

The aircraft owner Steve Robinson gave a very detailed and fascinating talk on his collection of aircraft which include the T-28, a Lancair very high performance propjet and a Nanchang Cj6 trainer. He and his son Paul then made the AGM attendees very welcome in talking about and getting into the T-28.

Those present enjoyed talking aeroplanes with knowledgeable people, a sausage sizzle and tea and coffee plus the opportunity to see, watch or actually pilot the Flight City 777 flight simulator in landings at Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong. With the expert guidance of Oana, the ATPL rated check pilot, it was even possible to arrive on the Kai Tak runway in one piece, perhaps with a few excited passengers!

The 777 flight simulator is an exact replica of the real thing and very impressive in the way that it shows the way the inertia of the aircraft affects its behaviour in terms of the reaction to control inputs. With all the relevant sound inputs of landing gear operation, flap selection etc. the experience is very realistic and used to train airline pilots on a daily basis.

We were privileged to be given an extended use of the simulator on this visit. Budding pilots received patient, knowledgeable guidance on what to do, the parameters of velocity, vertical speed, aircraft attitude and so on necessary to keep the aircraft on track and how to follow the ground way points to reach the tarmac.

It was particularly good to see a number of younger members and visitors joining us on the day and enjoying the experience.

So, if you would like to have a true to life piloting experience that gives a real feel of knowing how it feels to fly the aircraft round a circuit or on a longer trip, the Flight City flight simulator delivers the goods.

(Adapted from the Royal Aeronautical Society Perth Branch’s newsletter following the event.)

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