Flight City at Jandakot facilitates quality pilot training with a choice of various in-flight situations and experiences which will greatly contribute to your flight credentials. Consider the benefits of hours spent experiencing and practicing various inflight situations and scenarios guided and assisted by experienced pilots.

Undergoing repeated ILS approaches … maybe at an airfield such as Dubai honing procedures for unexpected scenarios caused by mechanical or electrical issues or external events such as weather and traffic. We can help you to become a more confident, experienced and employable pilot.You can practice complete long-haul flights or just the departure and approach components all at an airfield of your choice.

Undergoing this training in Australia’s only publicly available B 777 simulator accompanied by highly experienced pilots and check captains who can guide you through each situation is invaluable.

Based at Jandakot Airport, Flight City offers you the opportunity to exercise the full suite of 777 capabilities. Take-off and land at virtually any of the world’s suitable airfields, and enhance your skills across every aspect from flight-planning to emergency response and unusual scenarios.

It’s intense and realistic – and you set the workload.

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At Flight City we understand that every pilot has different requirements in terms of mission type, scenarios, up skilling, and even career aspirations. We offer a flexible approach to flight training at Jandakot Airport in Perth and the booking of our B 777 Fixed Base Procedural Trainer.

Call us or email [email protected] and let us know what airports, meteorological and topographical conditions, destinations and situational set-ups you would like to experience, and we’ll put together a comprehensive package for you.

As an alternative we offer a range of pre-packaged options that are easy to book, competitively priced and professionally guided. If you want to learn to fly in Perth, then Contact us to discuss all of your options.