Imagine sitting back in first class comfort, sipping champagne, and taking off for an evening flight from Rome to Paris – with your best friend, loved one or partner actually flying the plane!

At Flight City, it’s not just possible, it’s happening right now! Book a magical experience in our flight simulator at Jandakot Airport in Perth and get the opportunity to fly the huge B 777 to the destination of your choice, and as many as six guests can fly along with the pilot – FREE!

That’s up to two guests in the cockpit and four in luxurious opulence in our unique First Class Lounge, experiencing the whole flight in real time, with realistic vision out all windows and a television carrying direct cockpit vision.


Where do you want to fly? Our jet flight simulator at Perth’s Jandakot Airport can take you to many exciting destinations. You could take off from Kathmandu fly around Mt Everest and try your skills at landing back into Kathmandu.  Take off in a blizzard from Innsbruck in Austria overfly the Dolomite’s and land in Venice. Take of from Washington DC or  Boston landing less than an hour later at JFK airport in NYC.

Or choose your own travel adventure. Flight City offers literally thousands of choices, with over 14,000 airports and almost the entire world on file.

It really is the ultimate flight of fancy! Choose your Flight City experience package now!

Other packages can be arranged subject to negotiation with Flight City.


Flight City provides excellent Perth flight simulator experiences on the Flight City’s B 777 Fixed Base Procedural Trainer, which is modelled after the world’s newest and largest twin-engine airliner, the Boeing 777-200LR.

The largest twin-engine airliner in the world, the 777 has become one of the most successful international long distance carriers of all time. The 200LR can fly nonstop from London to Singapore and is used by some of the world’s biggest airlines including Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, KLM, Lufthansa and Air Canada. Our 777 platform is an ideal pilot training simulator.

Step into a full glass cockpit with high definition visual display featuring a fully immersive curved 225 degree screen covering over 10 x 2.5 metres. You’ll gain hands on experience of the fully working MCP panel, EFIS, Check lists, Full FMC motorised throttles and speed brake assemblies and many other features, guided by experienced captains and check-pilots. There’s also realistic noise and vibration.

It’s no wonder that our flight simulator in Jandakot has been recognised as being as close as possible to the real thing by experienced 777 captains. Contact us for more information on our facility.