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Flight City at Jandakot Airport in Perth is equipped with a state of the art flight simulator. Whether you are a pilot seeking experience in various assisted scenarios or an amateur joy flight experience on a flight simulator in WA, the team at Flight City can assist.

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The cabin is so realistic

As a home flight simulator enthusiast, I was keen to try the Flight City simulator, and I have to say, my home simulator just doesn’t compare. The whole experience is an immersion – it’s 100% cockpit, the ‘butt-kicker’ adds a sense of movement, and the cabin is so realistic.

Captain Lesley was fantastic – she explained what everything did and helped me fly, and Gavin sat in the First Class lounge with my wife, and gave her the rundown of everything we did. The whole set-up is great, and we as I said to Gavin on the day, we’ll be back!

Flight: London To Paris

It’s so much better than a computer!

I’m very familiar with the 777, as I fly that aircraft on my simulator at home. But there is nothing like being in a real cockpit – it’s so much better than a computer!

We took off from Paris in the dark. The take-off was pretty easy and fun, and the lights of Paris were amazing – better than I had expected. As we flew to Rome I had plenty of time to watch the spectacular sunrise, and it looked great.

We landed in Rome early in the morning, a couple of hours after take off, and the time flew by. All in all, I loved it, and Mum and Dad said the lounge experience was really good and very comfy.

Flight: Paris To Rome

Thoroughly recommended

I had the pleasure to visit the 777 flight simulator at Jandacot Airport. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is even slightly interested in experiencing what it is like to fly a commercial jet. The visuals that you saw were stunning & made it feel very realistic. The sense of movement was felt quite strongly – we took off, circled & then landed at the old Hong Kong airport – a challenging one. You could actually fly the plane manually, if you chose. You really got a feel for how the plane responded. John’s professionalism, patience & good humour really made the whole thing a once in a lifetime experience to be remembered for ever. Kevin Hogan, Mosman Park.




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