Tackle Your Fear of Flying Head On!

Do you suffer from fear of flying? Some people absolutely love air travel, while others break out in cold sweat just at the thought of boarding an airplane and may not be able to even board an aircraft.

Whether you have to fly when travelling for work or for leisure, your life can be severely restricted by fear of flying. Don’t let fear of flying control your life – you can take steps to reduce and manage it!

Flight City Simulation Centre offers you the opportunity to confront your fear of flying by introducing you to the principles of aviation and flight, deepening your knowledge of aircraft safety and giving you the opportunity to see for yourself what happens in a cockpit during take-off, landing and events like turbulence. And you can do all of this without ever leaving firm ground!

Our Fear of Flying Course includes:

Cost: One Person $290 / Two People $425

For more information and bookings, call (08) 9417 7703.

Please note: This course does not include any psychological assessment and does not use any psychological tools or strategies to address your fear of flying. We recommend you consult a health professional in conjunction with your visit at Flight City.

Optional Extra: Take the controls of an actual airplane!

If, after the course at Flight City Simulation Centre, you are at the stage where you feel ready to try the controls in an actual flight, we will take you next door to Jandakot Flight Centre for a “TIF” (Trial Instructional Flight) with one of Jandakot Flight Centre’s flight instructors.

You will go for a flight in a light aircraft, sitting in the left hand seat, with an instructor right beside you in the right hand seat. You could take control of the airplane for about 30 minutes, with the instructor sitting right next to you and ready to take control whenever necessary.

You may think this is a step too far – but it could give you a massive confidence boost before being a passenger on a commercial aircraft. Please note this optional extra is not included in the pricing above. Call us for more details and pricing!