Flight: Circuits of Dubai

As an experienced pilot flying Boeing 717’s to Australian destinations such as Broome, Christmas Island and Karratha, as well as numerous mine sites in Western Australia, I had applied for a position with Emirates in Dubai. I went to Flight City to gain some familiarity with the visuals in and around the cockpit of a 777 and to practice the sequence of events before sitting a test flight in the Emirates simulator in Dubai.

I am happy to report that the Flight City experience was almost exactly that of the Emirates test simulator, and I was able to fly a few circuits of Dubai, and practice a number of ILS landings at Runway 12 Left at Dubai Airport. The Captain on my Flight City flight went through the same processes and commands as the test Captain in Dubai, so all in all it was the ideal preparation.

I found Gavin and Michelle very friendly and very willing to help, and my partner sat in the First Class Lounge and loved every minute of it, so the whole thing was just awesome.

Flight City helped me prepare for a gruelling interview and test flight as part of my application to join Emirates as a 777 pilot. I learned a lot about the aircraft and its characteristics, and I am thrilled to say I landed the job!