Pre-Christmas Gathering

In the lead-up to Christmas, Flight City hosted a gathering of clients and friends for an informal few hours enjoying a barbecue, refreshments, music, and of course some Sim flying!. The photo above shows how we prepared our hangar for the event and how we can host other functions for various groups. It is a really great way for those unfamiliar with aviation to look over other aircraft. The two aircraft  in this photo are Piper Aerostar PA60 “Superstar 700” on the left and Mooney M20J on the right.

The Aerostar is pressurised to 30,000 feet and cruises comfortably at 230knots / 65% power. Named after Jeffs daughter, “Charlene Louise” is a great plane to fly and holds several world speed and distance records including Hawaii to San Francisco. Like its Aerostar stablemate, the Mooney is famous for its speed, economy, and strength. We can provide you and your friends a guided tour of how an aircraft works before you head in for your 777 flight.

Let us arrange a functions for you and your workmates. We have plenty of parking and rest room facilities. Whilst your fellow attendees are in the first Class Lounge or flying their mission in the 777….you may enjoy a quiet drink and conversation whilst looking over the aircraft in the hangar. By prior arrangement, we can bring other aircraft of interest in where they will be represented by their owners or pilots who can explain the aircraft to you. At our December party we cycled 16 pilots through the 777 cockpit with each of them flying a full circuit at Sydney Airport.

Are you interested in arranging a function? Contact us!